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Cultivizion was founded in 2005 by Lorenzo Stam (Dordrecht, The Netherlands). When he came into contact by coincidence with Jalani Horton -lead singer of U.S. Virgin Island based Bambu Station band,one of his favorite reggae groups- he learned that the group was eager to come to Europe and Lorenzo decided to help them.

It was Lorenzo’s first step into the music industry. Without any experience, but driven by enthusiasm and pure love for reggae music he started to approach each and everyone in the music business.The result was a tour of 7 shows for Bambú Station in 2005. And the next year he arranged a new tour of 12 shows. Cultivizion was born!

Since then Cultivizion has promoted talented reggae / world music artists on a nonprofit basis. Cultivizion aims to make a difference for these artists and provides them with booking coordination to get them heard on the European continent.

From the start CultiViZion worked with artists coming from the Virgin Islands (‘VI’ in Cultivizion and Zion is his son's name)

Nowadays he also works with Jamaican reggae veterans and talents who have never or rarely performed in Europe.

Cultivizion organizes the Reggae Central events in The Netherlands in collaboration with Popcentrale and Bibelot. Reggae Central gives upcoming artists and bands from the Dutch reggae scene the opportunity to perform alongside international reggae acts. Making connections is the goal!

Cultivizion is working together with several other European organisations like the Rastaplas festival, Irie Vibes Roots festival,Benelux Reggae contest, Rockers Intern. Artist Agency, Revelation concerts, N9, One Love fest. and many more.

Tuff Lion, member in 2005 of the Bambu Station band from the US VI recently wrote:

Bless One and All! Now sharing a very positive link to "Cultivizion", a music service concern in Holland, The Netherlands. I and a host of Virgin Island based artists have been supported and represented exclusively by founder, Lorenzo Stam and his extended family of radio D.J.s, Writers, Chefs, Drivers and more in his effort to bring Roots music artists to Holland, presenting artists on festivals, in theaters and rooms across Europe. Over the many years, Cultivizion has managed to present a number of Jamaican "foundation" artists as well as continually supporting artists of the "revival" era. Clicking onto the link will open the webpage to reveal a full schedule of appearances of various artists and bands that are working with the Cultivizion family of artists and musicians. Big Salute to Lorenzo Stam for his years of tireless and unselfish efforts to share the love of "live" music with neighbors and friends throughout Europe! We are all blessed to know this man and stand proudly in solidarity with him. "To know is to grow and to flow." "Cultivizion is a Multi-vizion Thing"


 Cultivizion for global roots and culture !